Leitrim County Council is one of 31 fire authorities in the Republic of Ireland with a population of 32,044 and an area of 1876 km2 (613 square miles). Leitrim County Fire Service has 5 fire stations and employs 48 retained (part time) Fire Fighters. County Leitrim is predominantly a rural county located in the north west of Ireland and it adjoins the border with Northern Ireland. It provides fire safety education awareness training to children aged 8-9 at present through the Primary schools programme.


Finian Joyce Chief Fire Officer is the project coordinator of ‘BFireSafe@School’. He has previous experience of coordinating the successful Leonardo da Vinci funded Multicom 112 project, has been a partner in the InterregIVA funded ‘Driving Change’ project and has served as LEAR for the H2020 ‘Emergent’ project on behalf of FEU. He has also served on the Project Advisory Board for the FP7 funded EPISECC and SECinCore projects.



Finian Joyce,


The National Directorate for Fire and Emergency management supports fire authorities within the Republic of Ireland, through setting general policy, providing a central training programme.


Trinity College Dublin

The Centre For Innovative Human System brings together a critical multidisciplinary RTD capability in process innovation, development and application of new technologies and managing risk and organizational change.


FRS Centrum with headquarters in Gent is one of the 34 Belgian Emergency Rescue Zones and is centred in East Flanders covering 925,3 km² with 555,031 inhabitants served by 1,000 firefighters, 80 medics supported by 80 administrative staff.

Having a port and industrial activities, nearby nuclear plants, large networks of highways, railways and waterways.

In this region the FRS Centrum has more than 250 educational institutions with more than 70,000 students in higher education and is the largest student city in Flanders.

The potential market for fire prevention and the demand for safety training on fire safety is very high.


Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue have the ambitious goal to be one of the leading fire and rescue teams in Denmark. Our long-term strategic vision and goal is to improve social, economic and environmental well-being for our area. Our primary task under the Emergency Planning Act is to provide rapid emergency response to emergencies. However, we would rather make it unnecessary for you to call us up. Our preventive work consists in, among other things, conducting fire supervision, fire engineering building processing and teaching in elementary firefighting and first aid.


The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK is a national, non-profit expert organisation in fire and rescue services, individual emergency planning and civil protection. SPEK works actively to improve the safety of our homes and our society in everyday life and in emergency conditions. SPEK’s objective is to help people and organisations to prevent accidents and dangerous situations, to take the appropriate precautionary measures and to know what to do in emergencies.


With its more than 115 year history, the Fire Department of Dortmund (FDDO) serves to provide fire coverage, technical rescue, emergency medical services and civil protection for the more than 600.000 inhabitants of Dortmund. With a professional staff of more than 1.000 members and an even higher number of active volunteer firefighters, FDDO ist also active in prevention. Regular visits to and from kindergardens and primary schools are part of FDDO's fire education programme. Within the BeFiresafe@schools project, FDDO now strives to extend this programme also to secondary schools.



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The SPEIS DFB “Bizkaiko Suhiltzaileak” is a fully professional Fire Brigade, depending on the Provincial Government, Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia. The Brigade counts on 8 Fire Stations, and 450 operational personnel.  It covers 800.000 people and 2.200 km2 within the territory of Bizkaia being fire prevention and public education one of its main tasks.

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